Palm Tree Services

We provide quality and cost effective palm trees services for your land

The MEACO GROUP  has helped property owners in UAE to  maintain their trees for last 3 decades. We specialize in all kinds of trees that grow in UAE, doing a variety of jobs both large and small. Whether you have a quick, one-time job or are seeking a long-term relationship that can span many decades, we are here to help.

Hiring professionals to take care of your trees is often a very wise decision. There is no reason to risk injury or damages to your property when trained experts are available to help. Furthermore, we are fully insured so that you can have peace of mind while we work on your property.

One of the most common jobs we do is tree removal. This is perhaps the most dangerous jobs in arboriculture, and we highly recommend that you seek professional help for such a project. Taking out a tree requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Our experts are well prepared for any tree removal project your property may require.

Another kind of work we do is corrective tree trimming. Often, property owners have tried to remove dead branches on their own. Later, a tree may grow unevenly and pose a serious hazard to properties and individuals. Let a professional come take a look by calling us today.

In addition, MEACO GROUP  offers holistic plant care services. If you manage a large property or a number of smaller properties, maintaining plants can become a huge burden. Our goal is to create an ideal ecosystem for every plant you own. This way, the trees can grow healthy, safe, and beautiful. Such services are a great investment that can raise the value of your properties.